Today, Refraction Media and Google Australia are launching the 2015 edition of Careers with Code, with an unprecedented distribution of 175,000 magazines being distributed across the country – 50 copies for every Australian high school, and additional copies to university careers centres and science outreach programs.

Careers with Code, a magazine, digital e-zine and website, shows high school students the wide variety of careers that computer science (CS) can lead to – everything from art and music to business, sports, health and sustainability.

It aims to smash stereotypes and encourage high school students to combine CS with their ‘X’, or their passion, by profiling successful entrepreneurs and providing examples of how CS skills can make a significant impact.

“Technology doesn’t stand still. Neither do careers, or the skills that we need for the jobs of the future,” says Alan Noble, Engineering Director Google Australia. “Careers in cross-disciplinary industries will result in innovations like self-driving cars, 3D printing of prosthetic limbs and drone delivery of critical medical supplies.”

“We encourage schools to share the free copies of Careers with Code with the widest possible audience of teachers and students – it’s not just for the tech, science or maths classes,” says Sally-Ann Williams, Engineering Community and Outreach Manager, Google Australia.

In Australia alone, the demand for skilled computer scientists is growing rapidly. Careers with Code showcases 35 young entrepreneurs and disruptors, like Harry Lucas, an Adelaide student who founded a company, Seer Insights, that could change global food production, and Brisbane-based Alex Hahn, whose startup Gazellik gamifies education and online learning.

“These days, businesses are looking for creative minds to tackle new problems in all industries,” says Alex.

Around 60% of those profiled in the magazine are women.

Careers with Code aims to smash stereotypes by showcasing the myriad of careers that start with CS – in health, sustainability, sport, creative industries and more,” says Karen Taylor-Brown, Refraction Media’s

Publisher and Business Director. “It’s expected that in just 13 years, over 40% of Australian jobs will be digitised. CS skills will equip students to innovate and create their jobs of the future.”

Careers with Code 2015 can be viewed online or downloaded at

The website features video interviews with CS grads, an interactive university course directory and a quiz to help find your ideal coding career.

Refraction Media, an Australian-based startup, is a specialist STEM publisher and content producer. Led by publishing executive Karen Taylor-Brown and award-winning science journalist Heather Catchpole, Refraction Media was a finalist for two Publishers Australia Awards in 2014 and a finalist in the 2015 Telstra Business Awards.

Karen Taylor-Brown is also a finalist in the 2015 Telstra Business Women’s Awards (to be announced in October).

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