The Refraction team with STEAMpop ran a STEM to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) event for student teachers on 31 May at Sydney’s Vivid Ideas festival.

A dynamic team of panelists, hosted by Refraction Media’s Head of Content, Heather Catchpole, took part in this event. We heard from Sally-Ann Williams, Google’s Education Outreach Manager, Annabel Astbury from ABC Splash and artist Liz Shreeve on creating dynamic, engaging STEM to STEAM concepts for schools.

The Lumifold workshop provides a unique opportunity for participants to gain an understanding and appreciation of the ways mathematics and science can be applied in creative contexts. Participants received direct instruction and pre-scored paper to make a lamp that was illuminated with coloured LED lights.

We were amazed at how you can transform a flat piece of paper into an intricate three dimensional form that expresses ideas related to elementary symmetries, biomimicry and iteration. We learned how mathematical concepts relate to art, design, engineering and science.

This project demonstrates how the Arts can encourage an understanding of STEM. To bring innovation to science, technology, engineering and maths and help students understand these abstract and complex concepts in an engaging way we need to stimulate a passion for STEM in the next generation of students.

– Sydney Jouffret


This event was presented by STEAMpop and Refraction Media, sponsored by International Grammar School Sydney