Project Description

From sending rovers to Mars to creating smartphone technology and building worlds in virtual reality, maths is behind the biggest breakthroughs of our time. But now more than ever, Aussie students are opting out of maths and closing doors to some of the most creative and exciting careers on offer.

Careers with Maths 2017 is a game-changing resource for students and educators alike! Full of eye-opening, stereotype-smashing stories, this brand new magazine aims to transform how students perceive maths and where it can take them.

With a focus on Maths + X, where ‘X’ is your passion or interest, Careers with Maths 2017 helps young Australians imagine a future that is creative, innovative and technical. It takes maths beyond the classroom and into careers of the future, which are rapidly evolving to keep up with the pace of digital disruption, the explosion of data and the ever-growing stream of new technology.

Careers with Maths 2017 includes over 35 real-life reads and 80 Maths + X degrees, plus job and salary data. Dive in and discover the true magic of maths!

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