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Our approach

I had a Year 12 student come in today, very lost and disengaged. He only knows that he likes computers and being creative. You should have seen his eyes light up when I gave him one of the magazines!! It was the best.

Careers advisor, St Monica's College, Epping, VIC

Your publication Careers with Code is stunningly effective in stimulating interest in IT based careers.  I personally read it through from cover to cover before sharing it with colleagues and students. The layout, stories, photos and entire concept is excellent.  As a tool with students it has been highly effective. Colleagues have seized on its potential to expedite appropriate learning.

Careers advisor, McCarthy Catholic College

The way I found the career I wanted was from one of your magazines. I appreciate it as it has made me more eager for knowledge and given me a desire to study math and science. This magazine is so inspiring and I hope to one day become like one of your featured scientists.

Student, Cessnock High School

Your stories provide us with rich, appropriate and concise reading. The layout design of the magazine editions are also done very well.

Tech director, Brisbane Girls Grammar School