Why should industry and business be leading the pack when it comes to taking on postgraduate research in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)?

Just 25% of postgraduates work in academia post degree, and the vast majority go on to work with industry, government, health and private sectors, where they are more likely than Bachelor graduates to gain employment. A postgrad degree is much more than a pathway to academia, post-doc and professorship.

Partnerships between industry, business and academia are creating agile, qualified workers with the skills we need to grow the knowledge economy.

Postgrads have specialist skills, an ability to learn, to self-manage and to think deeply about topics, which stands them in good stead. Increasingly, postgraduates are working with industry earlier to gain the expertise they need to succeed in the current work environment, where ‘innovation’ is a must-have tag to your CV.

Refraction Media has just launched new magazine, e-zine and website, Postgrad Futures. This publication showcases those go-getters who study the most exciting degrees, undertake stellar internships and grad programs and ultimately rise to the top of their professions. They may not always end up in STEM – plenty of great careers are forged through a background in engineering, like Karen Andrews, the Assistant Minister for Science, or our covergirl Preethi Jeeva, who took her technology skills to big business consultancy Deloitte.

Postgrad Futures celebrates the best in Australian achievement in STEM – whether that’s combining STEM with business skills or focusing on soft skills to stay agile in the workforce. It’s about equipping women in STEM, supporting international students, and is filled with lists of Australia’s top STEM workplaces, our biggest employers and the most innovative new degrees.

With inspiring stories, corporate grad programs and internship opportunities, and an in-depth interactive directory of Australian postgrad options, Postgrad Futures gives students the tools they need to make the decision that suits them best.

– Heather Catchpole


For enquiries about Postgrad Futures, email info@refractionmedia.com.au.