Refraction Media in partnership with Google has launched Careers with Code US to five key American cities to address the CS skills shortage and to increase diversity.

The momentum toward equipping young people with the skills for careers of the future is increasing, and Refraction Media is taking the global lead.

Google has partnered with Refraction Media, an Australian media start-up, to launch the US edition of Careers with Code magazine. Careers with Code is a guide for secondary school students, showcasing exciting and diverse careers that start with computer science (CS), but can be pursued through combinations of CS with other fields, global challenges and areas of their own passion.

Launched today in support of President Obama’s Computer Science for All initiative (CS for All), Careers with Code smashes stereotypes around typical computer science careers, and showcases CS as the undeniable champion for amazing future careers. It’s a one-stop mag for resources, step-by-step checklists and inspiring ideas to inspire and motivate students to create their CS pathway. 100,000 copies will be distributed initially via Google’s outreach partners and the fibre network cities in New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, Austin, Kansas City and San Francisco.

Refraction Media is a media company that specialises in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). Pioneering the Careers with Code guide in 2014 in partnership with Google Australia, Refraction has expanded its portfolio to include Careers with Science, Careers with Engineering, and, later this year, Careers with Maths.

Careers with Code highlights the impact CS careers have across industries. CS education provides a way of thinking that focuses on problem solving, teamwork and a powerful way to express yourself – important skills for any career.

“Digital disruption is changing careers across all areas. Careers with Code is about more than computer science, it’s about developing the tools students will need to be part of future trends in careers and bridging the gap between education and opportunity. It’s crucial that women, minorities and minority groups are part of this conversation.” Heather Catchpole, Co-founder and Head of Content, Refraction Media.

In the US there are expected to be one million unfilled jobs by 2020. Careers with Code addresses both the need for more skilled workers in these areas, and also the need to include greater diversity in culture and gender within the tech sector.

“We are delighted to share our vision around computer science and inspire a future generation of tech leaders.” Karen Taylor-Brown, Co-founder and CEO, Refraction Media


For more information contact:

Karen Taylor-Brown 0414 218 5757

Heather Catchpole 0401 068 975