Hear from Refraction Media’s French intern, Sydney Jouffret, on the issues raised at the inaugural Education Nation conference.

Refraction Media is proud to be supporting the Education Nation event. The primary focus of Education Nation is to challenge Australia to think about the current approaches we have to education and to encourage an evolution of practices. This new two day education event is dedicated to providing a national forum that can make a difference in Australia’s K-12 education system. This year, the conference was held at Luna Park in Sydney on 7–8 June.

The speakers

The team behind Education Nation is a group of individuals from different walks of life who are passionate about education. At this year’s event, we heard from educators, school principals, heads of administration and industry leaders who work as part of the Australian K-12 education system. They shared their views and opinions on the topics Education Nation sought to discuss to ensure the best possible future for the Australian education system.

The big themes

The event provided Australia’s K-12 education system with a platform to explore, discuss, devise and redevelop the future of education in our country. Education Nation tackled some of the biggest questions being asked about our nation’s education system. But one of the major topics at the event was ‘Digital Dimensions’. Today, kids have access to anything and everything, so what does technology mean to education and the new generation of learners? What impact is it having on pedagogy, for better or for worse? Could technology replace teachers? Many issues facing Australian schools were openly discussed and debated.
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– Sydney Jouffret, Refraction Media Intern May/June 2016


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