By Heather Curry

Production Editor, Refraction Media

For most people living in the Northern Hemisphere, spring has sprung! The daffodils have popped up and the skies are getting clearer. Summer is not that far away. But not for residents of eastern Canada… At a time of year when the snow is supposed to be melting, residents are instead experiencing increased snowfall with freak snowstorms hitting hard well into the spring season. Layer upon layer of frozen snow is adding up to an extended season of outdoor playtime for the kids, but a nightmare in snow removal for the rest of the population, and can disrupt industry in a big way.

Having grown up in extreme snow conditions in these parts, I can say that at home blizzards and whiteout conditions with heavy snowfall are not far from the norm for January and February, but to have this weather carry over to the end of March is unusual. People get by day-to-day with heavy snowfall and bitter cold conditions, and have a relatively positive attitude – within reason.

But this year residents of eastern Canada will be lucky if the snow melts sufficiently by June or July for the grass recuperate. Not great news for golf fanatics and cottage owners, who endure quite a short summer season of 3–4 months at the best of times. Until then, it will have to be snowshoes on the golf course…

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